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Have you ever wanted to know if and when your e-mail gets read by the receiver? Suppose, you applied for a job online and haven’t heard back from them. You might have wondered whether the company received your resume or not.

Many a times, when we send an email, we expect a prompt reply and if we don’t receive a reply within the expected timeframe we get curious to know whether the email has been read or not or if it wasn’t even delivered due to some technical error.

It is really disappointing that some of the best email services like Gmail don’t have a feature to track when an email has been delivered and when it has been read. However, a Chrome extension called MailTrack comes to the rescue here.

Note :- MailTrack works for Gmail users only.

MailTrack is a really useful Chrome extension that lets you know when an email has been delivered and when it has been read by the recipient. Just like WhatsApp, it displays a double tick just next to the email you send. For emails that have been delivered successfully, it displays a single green tick and when the email has been read by the receiver, a double green tick will be displayed.

Here are the instructions on how to set up MailTrack to track your emails :-


  • Once installed, grant it the permissions to access the gmail account on which you would like to track your emails.


  • It will ask you to upgrade to Pro version. If you want to upgrade, you can do that otherwise just click on no thanks under Pro features to go to your Gmail account.


  • Click on the “Update Permissions” button on the top of your gmail and give it permissions to send you notifications etc.


  • When you send an email the next time, you will see a “Sent with:MailTrack” watermark at the bottom of the mail. Click the remove button to remove it.


  • After you send the email, navigate to “Sent Mails” tab and you’ll see 2 check marks right beside your sent emails.

    Single Green Tick – Email has been delivered to the recipient.

    Double Green Tick – Email has been read by the recipient.



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