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How to Connect to WiFi without Password?

In this article, I'll show you a cool trick to connect to a WiFi without Password (using an Android Device). This trick can come in handy when you go to some place where you don't have access to the internet using 3G/4G but WiFi is available, however, there's no one there to tell you the WiFi password.

It's really easy to connect to a secure WiFi without a password provided the router supports WPS (which most routers do) using just your Android device.

So, let's get into the method:-

1 . First, get close to the router.
2 . Check the router and look for a WPS button. It should be a small button probably on the back of the router. Note - Some routers use Refresh icon to represent WPS.



3 . Make sure that the WPS light is not blinking.


4 . Press the WPS button to turn on the WPS connection.
5 . Now, head over to your Android device and open WiFi settings.
6 . Click on 3 dots button and then select Advanced.
7 . Click on WPS Push Button. Your phone will start looking for an available WPS connection.
8 . Wait for a few seconds. Your phone will be automatically connected to the WiFi without a Password.
9 . Enjoy!!

Samanyou Garg

Samanyou Garg

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